I bought my vps at ramnode(probably the best vps I can get at this kind of low price), used as my blog hosting server and a vpn server. But I am currently studying at school, due to CERNET(The China Education and Research Network), my access to the so called global web address(bassically these ip addresss out of China) is limited, so I had to use a vpn or a proxy to visit my blog, which is kind of a frustrating thing…

And luckily, thanks to CERNET, I can access ipv6 address without any limitations, and thanks to ramnode, my vps has 16 ipv6 address. So I’m considering add an ipv6 DNS to my blog website. I did some search via google, it’s very easy via follow steps:

  1. Add a AAAA record on your domain name, I bought my domain name at godaddy, it’s very easy to add AAAArecord on godaddy, just fill in your server’s ipv6 address and it’s done.(Basically most domain name suppliers support ipv6 DNS now)
  2. On your server’s nginx(or apache) configuration, you should add lines to listen to your ipv6 address, the format is like [::]:80. Restart your nginx(or apache), it should work now.

And now I can easily acces to my blog, and it’s very fast!!

Update: Godaddy may be blocked in China, so I change DNS server to DNSpod, which surports ipv6 DNS too.