VS2010: Error MSB3073, The command copy exited with code 1

Recently, I’v been working on a project about pre-processing of OCR images. I copy the project to home, when build it , This error occurs: “Error 15 error MSB3073 : The command copy exited with code 1”.

This project is built with vs2010, it works fine at lab. But at my own computer it failed compiling. The problem is with the post-build event, the solution has eight projects, each one copy it’s building result to a working directory “bin”, this command failed to find the building result and cause the compiling error.

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  1. 下载。。。
  2. 用vs2008打开。。
  3. 一些必要设置,很重要:有4个模式,其中切换到debug和unicode debug模式下,修改如下设置,对于目录下的13个项目,都要设置,分别是属性->C/C++->常规->调试信息格式:修改为 程序数据库(/Zi)属性->链接器->常规->启用增量连接:修改为 否(/INCREMENTAL:NO)对于13个项目的debug和unicode模式都要修改不修改的话中间可能会出现这种错误:LINK : fatal error LNK1000: Internal error during IncrBuildImage
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