Error using textread in matlab under linux

Ok, I was using this function textread, It’s weird that the file path can not start with ‘~’, the path must start with the full path, like /home/user/bla/blabla.sift, or matlab will just give you the error note: “Error using dataread, file not found or permission denied”.

I google this for a little while to get the solution, so just take a note here. Even though matlab suggest to use textscan other than textread, I’m just too lazy to change…

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Useful linux commands


  • Screen

Screen在远程登录服务器并要长时间运行程序时很有用,一般来说用putty直接登录的时候,一段时间没有活动,打开的session就会失效,VNC viewer是一个解决办法,但是对于我来说,一般不需要界面,所以Xforwardding是不需要的。此时Screen就十分有效了,使用Screen可以单独创建一个独立于你当前session的一个窗口,在Screen下运行程序,可以不受外部登录Session的限制,还可以同时运行多个程序。具体用法是:

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